A rival team fan’s opinion of All or Nothing a…

As fan of another team and one that played Philly twice this season I was incredibly stoked to see they were the featured team on this season of all or nothing. Love the show, but 2018 Carolina was awful. I loved this season. My brother is/has been a lifelong Eagles fan and I definitely root for them when the Seahawks are out of the picture (please don’t hate me).

I rode the eagles defense all season even after the middle games. I had Sanders as my RB2 and Ertz TE1 all the way. I won my championship in my league as well. So thanks for that Eagles.

Anyway, just trying to justify my existence here.

Just wanted to drop in and say I have some mad respect for this team. Especially Wentz, Miles, Josh McCown and Brandon Graham. They impressed me the most. Especially McCown. How could one not love him and his HS coaching duties. Gahh. Anyway… Damnnnnnnn tho the Eagles had the most brutal season I can remember. All the injuries plus that schedule, yikes. No team should ever have to play NE and SEA in consecutive weeks. I had no idea it was this bad for y’all. If I was a fan of this team I’d be so proud. They overcame some shit. I sincerely hope they have a great offseason and for the love of god please keep Carson Wentz healthy come the postseason. My heart broke for him in the playoff game. Thanks for reading. Go hawks Fly eagles fly.

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