5 FAs we could still sign (Including 4 Chiefs!…

Because we gave Slay and Hargrave backloaded contracts, and because Parker, Coleman, and Brown all cost $2 million or less, we still have a chunk of cap space left. From this point on short term deals are the name of the game, although I’m not as alarmed about next year’s cap as a lot of fans are. Mostly because we will clear a lot of cap by turning some of Cox and Wentz’s salaries into bonuses, restructuring/extending Graham who doesn’t have much garunteed money left, and by post-June 1st cutting or trading Alshon which will clear $13 million for 2021. Because we have cap space this year and the ability to clear cap next year I think we are still in the free agent game. Now here are some names that could fill our remaining needs, most of which happen to be Kansas City Chiefs, something I did not plan on at all before writing this:

Bashaud Breeland, 28 year old CB– Played well for the Chiefs during their Super Bowl, holding together a secondary that was seen as the Chiefs’ biggest weakness before. His biggest strength is coverage skills which we desperately need. Would be our #2 corner. Potential contract: 3 years, $6.5 million per year

Demarcus Robinson, 25 year old WR– He’s impressed in limited snaps. He’s kind of been in an Ertz like situation where people have expected him to break out for a while. This past season was supposed to be the year he finally did but then the Cheifs drafted Mecole Hardman who stole his thunder. Robinson has size and speed and could seamlessly transition from Andy’s offense to Doug’s. Potential contract: 2 years, $5 million per year

Everson Griffen, 32 year old DE– A lot of talk about Yannick but Griffen could be a cheaper option who can step into a Long/Bennett/Curry type role. Despite his age he’s gonna be heavily persued as an accomplished veteran at a premium position. But Howie has never had problems landing DL talent so I’m sure he can pull this off if he decides to. Potential contract: 2 years, $7.5 million per year

Reggie Ragland, 26 year old LB– Sorry about the third Chief but we still need linebackers. Ragland can play WILL or SAM linebacker and projects to the Bradham role for this defense. He could start alongside Jatavius Brown with Gerry or a draft pick on the weak side. He’s struggled in coverage but so does every other Jim Schwartz linebacker. He’s young and can keep our run defense afloat so the DL can focus on rushing the passer. Potential contract: 2 years, $3.5 million per year

Darron Lee, 25 year old LB– This is the last Chief I promise. He will be cheap because he hasn’t proven anything in the league so far. But he has the speed/physical tools. This would be a departure from Jim Schwartz’s usual big, thumping linebacner, because Lee is as small as it gets for the position. But he would bring coverage ability which we’ve been missing from our LB group. Potential contract: 1 year, $2.5 million

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