Anyone else like the idea of bringing Cam Newt…

For Cam Newton, it’s the Chargers or no one at this point. The Chargers likely give him the starting spot when he signs. Every other team, he will have to earn it.

I am kind of hoping the Chargers don’t sign him so the Eagles can get him as a backup to Carson Wentz. I know what many will say, Newton won’t sign if he is backup. Convince him that this will help him. He gets a year to heal his injury while being on the sideline. And should Wentz get hurt, he has a great organization behind him. Pederson made Foles work, he will make Newton work. Just sign him to a 1-year deal. During the season if a QB gets injured in the NFL, a team will absolutely call the Eagles and see what it takes to get Newton. My guess, a 3rd or 4th round pick.

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