Jay Ajayi will be a FA next year, But do you want us to keep him?

After having some thought about this, I honestly don’t know if we should keep Jay Ajayi or not for this upcoming off-season. I know we should focus on now but lets say he has another solid year in this offense, (which is talior made for him) would you think about trying to keep him? also keep in mind the salary cap raises to about 10-13 mil every offseason.

I see the massive pros in keeping him, his vison is great for this offense, remember that Falcons game where he was supposed to be stopped for a loss? he just somehow found a crease and just used nothing but strength to get a few more yards.. what he lacks in speed in the 2nd level he makes up for it with solid vison.. He can be solid as a reciever plus he never gives up on a play.

The biggest con is his leg issue and will it hold up to warrant keeping him for the rest of this long run with us? plus i’d argue and say he is kinda questionable on pass blocking but i’ll give that a pass for now after a full off-season with us.

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