My Picks for Vacant Coaching Staff Positions

Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell- This guy has had success wherever he’s gone. Helped develop guys like Manning, Stafford and Flacco and had them playing their best. Good offensive mind who plays the Frank Reich role of a veteran coach to challenge Doug. Pedigree for winning is good for the locker room.

WR Coach Chad O’Shea- I think he may go back to New England, but he has worked with NE’s WRs for a decade. Edelman developed into a number one WR during this time and he had guys who had no success anywhere else like Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola play like bonafide weapons. On top of that he can help coordinate a pass game since he did a solid job as Dolphins OC this year and at least was introduced to Caldwell before he took his leave of absence. Hard to believe why they let him go when Fitzpatrick has his best year under him.

DB Coach Al Harris- Former player and a guy our secondary can respect. Six years of coaching experience under Andy Reid. If we keep Jalen Mills and Rasul Douglas he can teach these guys techniques better suited to their abilities like how to play bump and run. Can really bring out the physicality of our secondary.

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