*Question* How many WR’s in this draft could f…

After JJ Arcega-Downside, and a whiteout at wR in free agency, we are hearing the eagles want a young WR to pair with Carson. BUT, how many of These guys even have real upside? They call it a deep draft, but how many guys could really jump in and be a WR 1 or WR 2??

I would love for us to get CeeDee or Jeudy but it seems BERY unlikely, Ruggs would be a great burner but also unlikely…. Shenault is a big injury prone bust, a few of the other speed guys are 5’7" or 5’8" and far too small and weak to lay in the NFL imo.

I would love us to trade up but doubt we do… share your insight on these prosepects

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