Travis Homer=Absolute beast!

So my thoughts on Travis is that he could be a future hall of famer. If you watch all the clips on him that there is on youtube you can see that he isn’t really like any other rb, at least not in this year’s draft. He doesn’t lower his shoulder like Josh Jacobs would do. He doesn’t juke and spin move on every linebacker like Saquon Barkley. He can’t push off everybody like Marshawn Lynch. He’s fast like very, very fast, and he can run inside zones and at least get 8 yards out of it, every damn run. He can run stretches like Rashaad Penny, so that means that he also is an elusive back. His way of playing is very similar to Ezekiel Elliott but even more similar to TGhunnid, Todd Gurley.I think this dude will become an absolute stud, an instant pro bowler. If he gets the chance.