Mock Draft 2.0 (ALL ROUNDS)

My first mock draft was kind of wack, lets give it another shot.


Round 1: CJ Henderson(CB) ———> Our Corners have been shit for years. CJ is a better tackler than both Diggs and Fulton. The only other corner I thought about was Bryce Hall, but some say he isn’t as athletic.

Round 2: Jalen Reagor (WR)——–> Blazing fast receiver, decent route runner, but he could expand the tree a bit over time. He is not a contested catch guy due to his height and size, but he will help the Birds take the top off the defense with ease. I also thought about Brandon Aiyuk.

Round 3: Antoine Winfield Jr. (S)—–> Absolute ball hawk, excellent at tracking the ball for an incompletion or interception. He recorded 7 interceptions in 2019. He also is a solid tackler. I also thought about Kyle Dugger, an athletic freak Strong Safety who could replace Malcom if he left.

Round 3: Larrel Murchison(DT)——-> Fairly productive defensive tackle,recorded 7 sacks and 12 tfl. He has a hell of a motor and pursues the qb relentlessly when they attempt to scramble.His size, 6’2 292, is what is going to probably drop him in the draft, but he was a standout player in the ACC, on a team marred by injuries. He is projected to be a end/dtackle tweener, but he could be the backup to the undersized Malik Jackson whom he probably compares well to as a gap shooter.

Round 4:Van Jefferson (WR)———> Excellent route runner with sudden breaks to juke defenders to get open or juke defenders. His worst trait is his deep speed, but he could be a great red zone threat. He is a high point catcher, and he would provide competition for Alshon and Arcega-Whiteside for the x receiver spot.

Round 4: Reggie Robinson (CB)——-> A tall corner with some weight on him, Robinson stands at 6’1,197 pounds. He is relatively unknown,but he is projected to run in the 4.5 ballpark. He uses his hand to jam wrs at the line with ease, and his athleticism allows him to mirrors opposing wrs in order to disrupt the catch point. He fits the build to give competition at outside cornerback. We have too many small, thin framed corners right now.

Round 4: Francis Bernard (LB)—-> An overall excellent coverage linebacker, he recorded 85 tackles, 2 interceptions, and had a 92.6 coverage grade given by PFF. The reason he goes down this far, he was forced to transfer from BYU to Utah due to off the field issues. He is an extremely underrated talent.

Round 5: Trevis Gipson(DE)——> A gem from a small school, he has made some impressive strides during the senior bowl. He will replace Vinny Curry who will most likely leave in free agency. He is listed at 6’3, 260, but he plays with a good amount of bend and has violent hands. He has 8 sacks in 2019.

Round 5: Matt Hennessey (G/C)——-> A very solid and local linemen from Temple who could be a possible replacement for Kelce, or even help at left guard with some of his experience at guard. He missed some of 2019 with a concussion, and he could probably gain some weight, but a lineman who can play guard and center is valuable especially this late in the draft.

Round 6: AJ Dillon (RB)——-> A hulking 245 pound back, he would be a replacement for Jordan Howard as a rotational package of thunder. He has little value as a receiving back, but he will be good for 4th and 1 or fake runs, or even for preventing Carson from having to QB sneak so much. This seems like a joke, and it is funny, but we would legitimately have a bowling ball on our team.

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Video Request.

I keep seeing the Sean Taylor probowl hit on Brian Moorman pop up in r/nfl, I remember Dawkins doing something similar, I want to say the year before at the probowl but I cant seem to find video of it anywhere. Anyone else remember this? have video of it?

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Non trade (up) draft crush

Laviska Shenault

Sorry for the repost I guess linking highlight videos isn’t allowed. But back to the point. He really screams playmaker. Isn’t completely polished I admit but just is impossible to stop. I’d love to see us add him along with a pure speed guy later on.

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Kelly green uniforms

I know there’s been a strong fan persuasion for the return of the kelly green uniforms, but the NFL has the policy of not having multiple helmet options. My question to you all is, do you think the Eagles will bring back kelly green next year or in the neat future?

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