Carson please, please protect yourself out the…

Yesterday’s game makes it clear that Carson needs to protect himself from dirty plays, cheap shots, the refs, commentators, reporters, and the league as a whole.

When he’s running and exposed no one else can protect him. That play showed he still needs to find a better balance between sliding or pushing hard for a few extra yards or inches. He’s come along way from challenging a line backer head on but, unless dirty players are removed from the league entirely, there is still a need for him to improve and protect himself a little more.

He’s proven with his play and stats that he can elevate a broken down team to victory over the coarse of a game. Sliding to protect himself on a few plays won’t change this skill or his leadership ability.

In the heat of the play it’s probably instincts taking over, but he needs to default to sliding is these situations to make sure (regardless of whatever defensive clown is on the field or officiating the game) he is back in the huddle for the next play, and the next, and the next…etc.

Probably not a popular thing to post right now as we are all pouring out support and hoping for a quick physical recovery, but it was so frustrating to see this situation at all. I just want him mature in this area of his game so the clowns out there have little to no opportunity for these kinds of game-ending/season-ending cheap shots.

Protect yourself out there Carson! Not everyone in the league is as high class a person as you.

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I’m nervous about this Giants game I can’t lie…

Giants looked real good this week and we play them in “NY” last game with them went OT and that was home against Eli and the Cowboys will probably easily beat Skins at home :/ …. not trying to be negative just nervous

Thousands of live Cam girls – Chat for FREE! +x+ They Strip for Free