Why sign Robby for 20 when you can have Carson…

That’s my main problem.

Eagles have no right to be picky when your best WR is undrafted Greg Ward (DeSean has DUST for bones. Alshon is a rat)

Carson Wentz is one of the best QB’s in the league and the Eagles can’ get this motherfucker any goddam help.

It is fucking insane to me that Eagles would decide to penny-pinch at WR after what took place last year.

Also trading up in the draft doesn’t fix our WR problems unless you think a rookie WR is going to transform an entire offense (LOL no way that happens)

This reminds me of what just happened in New England, New England took Tom Brady for granted and he left them because they couldn’t get the proper weapons to win.

I hope the Eagles are not taking Carson Wentz for granted

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